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THe brewery


Facing the tool of the trade the brewpub’s comfortable flair provides an environment to indulge all senses.

With a direct view of the brewing copper,  the lauter tub and embedded under a roof of oak leaves you will experience Thuringian interpreted cuisine.

Let us tempt you with classic Thuringian dishes, international Specialites or creative new compositions our chefs think up every day. Dishes that can’t be described by words but have to be experienced. Our á la carte restaurant can seat up to 90 guests.

Nestled between the modern brewery hotel and the historic brewhouse, the winter garden restaurant offers savory treats for every palate.

With direct access to the beer garden during the summer months and a spectacular view of the snowflakes during snowy, freezing cold winter days the winter garden offers a cozy environment all year round. The play corner will let the hearts of our smallest beat faster from joy and fun.

Ideally suited for family or company events with a seating capacity for up to 190 people and an appealing ambience the room can be redecorated for all types of occasions.



Ball, Bier, Burger - Südkorea-Deutschland
Erleben Sie die Fußball-WM live in unserer RememBar!
Kloßlunchbuffet - Original Thüringer Klöße und verschiedene Braten
Von süß bis herzhaft, von leicht bis deftig – besser kann ein Sonntag in Thüringen nicht starten.

Brauhaus Lunch EN


Monday, 25th of June 2018
currywurst with cabbage salad and sweet potato fries

Tuesday, 26th of June 2018
meatball with carrots and mashed potatoes

Wednesday, 27th of June 2018
curry ragout with courgette and rice

Thursday, 28th of June 2018
baked fish fillet with poto salad and lettuce

Friday, 29th of June 2018
pork goulash with finger-shaped potato dumplings

vegetarian menu:
salad plate with fried potatoes and fried egg



gourmet weekend

Just get out there and do not stress! Enjoy your weekend and relax during the journey. Thuringia think out of  the box! Experience more than 600 years of brewing tradition, Thuringian cuisine and genuine hospitality at Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt.Take a break from everyday life, we take care of the rest!




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