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25.06.  from 93.00 EUR

26.06.  from 93.00 EUR

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city tour

The historic city tours of Arnstadt and Erfurt are guided by the famous beer caller (Bierrufer) or by one of his barmaids. They will accompany your group on a exciting way, with lots of humor and numerous anecdotes! Find out everything worth knowing about the Bach-, beer- and well city Arnstadt as well as the state capital Erfurt.




Fixed price up to 30 persons 125,00 EUR ( 3.50 EUR each additional person )

excl . entrance fees and transfers


Brewery Tour
for groups

We are pleased to organize brewery tours for families, clubs, companies and tour groups. There are formed groups up to 35 people due to the space capacity. The beer caller and his barmaids are able to lead groups in 20 min distance separately.

The Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt offers a variety of historical tours of the county town of Arnstadt and the state capital of Erfurt. We organize exclusive and by appointment.

Brewery Tour

Experience with the beer caller and / or his barmaid a guide of a special kind. Then you will know why Johann Sebastian Bach was disappearing the music of the beer opera and much more.



5,00 EUR per person including 1 beer 0,3l (6 - 20 People)

4.00 EUR per person incl . 1 beer 0,3l (from 21 people)

Duration: 40 min . (Minimum number of participants 6 persons)