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In one of the most oldest wheat beer breweries in Germany, you will experience the exciting centuries-old brewing tradition, presented with a lot of wit and irony. The Arnstädter beer caller and his barmaids will show you the city Arnstadt and tell you interesting knowledge about brewing history of Thuringia.
Whether historic Brauhaus Tour, beer satirical programmes or Arnstädter "Bierathlon" (beer challenge) - Here at Hotelpark Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt, brewing tradition is alive!

Beer caller of Arnstadt

Since 1427 the beer caller of the city Arnstadt is the most popular person in town. With his 600 years, he is today still ensnared by 20 -year-old barmaids. He presents his inexhaustible knowledge in a  "deadly serious" manner, delights thousands of visitors with his charm and many stories from a bygone era.

You learn a lot about the history of over 1300 years old Bach, beer and well city. Especially with beer, stories are associated. First news of the brewing industry in Arnstadt go at least back to the year 1407 and already in 1617 was brewed demonstrably wheat beer.


Our Beer
to go

To bring the folks back home something typical of the town Arnstadt, our beer Rufer recommends always the Arnstadt beer as souvenir, out of one of the most oldest wheat beer breweries in Germany.

Whether some "Arnstädter Kellerbräu" in the representative designed beer siphons (1 or 2 litre), a party beer keg draft "Arnstädter UrStoff lager", a majestetic 3 litre magnum beer bottle or a fancy Champagne bottle with light "Arnstädter Kellerbräu", with our real ales you can express best how much you enjoyed your trip to Thuringia. It is a hand-created natural product with a limited date of expiry.